According to a nutritionist, there could also be 4 causes in your hair loss.


Hair loss just isn’t an unusual downside. There might be many causes for hair loss, from local weather change to well being issues, together with dietary deficiencies.

Nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel shared some frequent causes of hair loss in a latest Instagram video.

Common causes of hair loss

* Taking a low calorie or low protein weight-reduction plan
* Crash weight-reduction plan
* Lost an excessive amount of weight in a short time
* Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Iron deficiency

The nutritionist additionally advised some easy methods to stop hair loss. Just look:

* Get your protein proper: Protein is essential for hair. It is made from keratin, which requires biotin, an essential amino acid.
* Check for zinc, folic and vitamin deficiency
* If you proceed to expertise hair loss after a diet program, seek the advice of your nutritionist, Kinita suggested.

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