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AR Rahman shared an ‘epic’ evaluation for 99 songs: ‘P Sushila mentioned she desires her story to unfold like this’

AR Rahman’s 99 songs are receiving super love from the media and his followers, however one response that has made the award-winning musician really feel profitable is that of legendary singer P Sushila, who virtually requested Rahman to make a biopic on him. Was.

“Oddly he texted me – ‘How are you?’ So I called her and I asked her if she had seen 99 songs of my film. I told her that it is on Netflix. She likes – ‘What is Netflix?’ Then his brother came and told that he had Netflix. So, I asked him to type 99 songs and show him the Telugu version of the film. He called back later and said in his own way, ‘This is great.’ Then they are told – ‘I want my story to come out like this. Will you help me?’ He was epic. I was like-yah! .. He is one of the veterans that no one can match. He has sung thousands of songs and has seen at least seven decades of filmmakers. He is one of my favorites , And it was lovely to hear that generation reacting to 99 songs, “AR Rahman expressed on Twitter throughout a digital chat with 99-song director Vishvesh Krishnamurthy.

The Oscar-winning composer mentioned he was nervous in regards to the movie even after its launch. “I was like that now they would leave but they didn’t. So, I was like ‘Oh, they liked it.’ This is the first child (4 songs). Can’t repeat it. Can be better or worse. The enthusiasm the whole team has given to the project is huge. They acted on it as if it were a big budget film. “I do know the sacrifice the staff has made,” he mentioned.

He mentioned, not like his ordinary initiatives, with this movie he received an opportunity to experiment with music, lyrics and narrative. “I got a chance to try it all. We used only 60 percent of the ideas we had. It’s a challenge to push yourself forward and look at the possibility if you can do it and present it the way you want to.” People can settle for it. I may make 5 hit songs and make this movie very industrial however I wished to have character graphs within the songs as nicely, “he defined.

Asked how his inventive course of has modified in the course of the movie making course of, Rahman mentioned, “What we discovered is that we can talk and criticize many things but doing it is different. . Doing something that means risking your entire career, taking financial risk but still completing it… You may think that it is easy but it is not. There are a lot of places that can go wrong. Not just for the film, but also for the people associated with the film, ”he said of how failing was never an option for him. “For me, failing isn’t an possibility. Failure means lack of vitality, analysis and preparation. Other than that, I believe it consists of blessings. The movie was launched in choose theaters, even underneath all odds, which is a big success for us at a time when many large price range movies are releasing immediately on OTT. So I’m very grateful to God. Grateful for the staff, ”he concluded.

99 songs are at the moment streaming on Netflix.

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