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Summer Skincare: Which Moisturizer Should You Use And Why?

Moisturizer is a vital a part of anybody’s skincare routine. This helps to create a protecting layer on the pores and skin whereas permitting higher absorption of merchandise containing small molecules corresponding to serum. Nevertheless, many individuals don’t apply moisturizer to guard the pores and skin from turning into sticky and oily, particularly in summer time.

But this shouldn’t be the case, as Dr. Kiran Lohia, a dermatologist, lately defined on Instagram. Sharing her “low on moisturizer”, she shared about all moisturizers and likewise defined which ought to be used in line with your pores and skin kind.

Why do we want a moisturizer?

Lohia stated that for people who find themselves beginning with their skincare routine, particularly throughout the evening, it is very important embody a moisturizer, in any other case your pores and skin could undergo “excessive oil or dryness”, which is dangerous. .

Excessive oil manufacturing happens when our pores and skin is attempting to make up for the dearth of oil because of dryness and dehydration. Applying moisturizer “helps protect the skin barrier and make skin cells work.”

What are the various kinds of moisturizers?


Texture and the heaviest in nature, “it forms a protective layer on the skin to help seal the water,” Dr. Lohia stated. Good unique substances embody wax, cocoa butter, lanolin, paraffin oil, petroleum, plan wax and shea butter.


The dermatologist defined, “These are mild oils that soak into the skin and fill the gaps to lubricate and strengthen the skin barrier by preventing water loss.” Elements corresponding to plan oils, squalene, ceramides, ldl cholesterol, alcohol benzoates, fatty esters, and fatty alcohols work very properly as emollients.


Lightest in nature, “it helps the pores and skin to attract water and act as hydration. Not solely this, it additionally delays the method of water evaporation from the pores and skin, ”she stated. Hyaluronic acid with AHA and different substances corresponding to amino acids, urea, sorbitol water, glycerin, and thermal water are good examples of this.

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